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June 11th, 2007 (04:21 pm)

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What do cats do all day?



May 3rd, 2007 (02:11 pm)
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I know I haven't updated in ages, and this is kind of a lame update too, but I'm unlikely to be doing this much any more, at least until I move out of home (Which is likely in the next 6 months) So, mini update:

- Still with James which is going great. I'm happier than I have been in a long time and for the first time in a while my life doesn't revolve around getting drunk at the weekends or half-relationships with people who didn't care.

- Quitting college after my last exam (8 June) to hopefully take a Graphic Design job I'm about to apply for.

- Have a new evening/weekend job at Touch fm (radio station) being a promo person. Warwickshire/Worcestershire/Cotswold people, look out for me at your local events!

My memories of high schoolCollapse )

By the way, will people please email me with their preferred email addresses because I have sort of given up on msn messenger.

Vague update

March 20th, 2007 (04:14 pm)

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current song: Sting - La Belle Dame Sans Regrets

Hello everybody again, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while and I have been reading my friends page quite sporadically as well, since I've been going out with James I haven't been online nearly as much as I used to be. (Which is a good thing, probably for my eyes at least) Incidentally that's going really well, I'm really happy with him.

So as updates go, I'm sure you've all been wondering what I've been up to (Or not, but I'm going to say anyway.)

College is going alright-ish. Just got my report yesterday and it's looking better than my November one but not by much, and my teachers are still all paranoid that the fact I've missed a couple of lessons means I'm going to fail. (To be fair they have a point, but I only need 3 Ds to get into uni and if I don't go to uni, A levels are irrelevant anyway, people who want to employ me will be more worried about why I've been pissing around for 4 years instead of getting a job at 16) and also, explain please why I've got a higher percentage of attendance in my Philosophy lessons than psychology or media and still my Philosophy teacher insists on marking me lowly for attendance and punctuality. And yet I still got an A on the half term test and get As and Bs in all my essays.) Also my Philosophy teacher basically made me promise I would have 100% attendance this week and last week or she'd kick me off, and then on Sunday I went and got a horrible virus which took my temperature up to about 39°C and left me hardly able to crawl to the toilet to retch in a vague hope of being able to throw up. So I haven't been at college today and have missed her lesson, and I'm hoping that I still look ill enough tomorrow evening (Parents evening) to believe me when I tell her I really was ill this time. Which is unlikely, as I'm nearly better now and just have mild coldy-type symptoms.

Also I have given up smoking, which was surprisingly easy as you would think 8 or 9 months would be long enough for me to get addicted but apparently not, or maybe I'm just finding it easy because I know I could have one if I wanted one and it wouldn't be the end of the world. Or possibly I'm just not thinking/stressing about it as much as most quitters do.

I'm supposed to be doing my Media coursework at the moment too, since I haven't really started it yet and it's due in on Friday in its entirety and is worth 40% of my marks. Argh. Also, somebody come and feed me, I've become lazy in the food-making department (Also we seem to never have any food anyway) and would rather sit here and feel hungry than make food, until I get too hungry to bother to make anything anyway. Stupid apathy.

Whee, it's snowing again, and settling this time!

Anyway yes, I miss people, those I only talk to online especially. (I think you know who you are.) Email me! I can't afford msn at the moment as my media grade will suffer badly. And then at other times I only tend to get on in the daytime anyway.

Hopefully you are all well and good!

Amy's love life update

March 6th, 2007 (02:32 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: I Am Kloot - Twist

I love the way we fit. This has been three years in the waiting and I keep wondering if it's a dream because nothing real is this perfect.

Also, O2 keeps screwing up, anybody have any ideo why?

Still slightly groggy

February 14th, 2007 (06:59 pm)

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current song: Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice

I have avoided Valentine's day by waking up at 2pm when the postman came to deliver the action man I'd bought off ebay for my little brother. I didn't bother to get up as my appearance would have scared him off, and since the car wasn't there he only waited about 30 seconds after ringing the bell to deliver the little card thingy instead. (As I thought he might do.)

Then I woke myself up again a bit later with a dream where my media tutors were holding my arms and legs back and stabbing me with compasses and burning me with fag ends. Weird. Finally got up at about 5, read for half an hour (The Amber Spyglass, I lost it for ages and found it yesterday. Lost track of how many times I've read it now. But you should read it too!)

- Oh, that reminds me, Phil, did I ever lend you the audiobook of Northern Lights? And if so have you finished it yet? -

Got up, had a fag, watched Neighbours and made scrambled eggs on toast with incredibly crispy bacon and tinned tomatoes. (Best breakfast EVER.) Then came online and the valentine's bombardment has started already. Gr. (I wouldn't mind, but it's difficult to go out today without turning into a bitter, twisted - dare I say it, typical woman. [shudder] And I don't see why I should have to suffer it all over the internet as well. Still, I made it about 19 hours into 14 February without seeing anything so it's not too bad.

Going to finish tidying the rest of the bedroom now before Phil comes to help us move it around tomorrow. I may provide before and after photos for your amusement only.

Quick note before I post: Windows Media Player has just crashed AGAIN. Ever since someone downloaded the new version it's been doing this about twice a day, accompanied by much groaning of something in the tower. There is only one thing about it that is good, and that's the bit that lets you shuffle your media library and directly put that on your MP3 player. (Stolen from iTunes no doubt) Except even that's a bit crap because if you don't like the selection you have to take the player out and put it back in again before you can shuffle again.

Amy and the Train Gurney

February 12th, 2007 (10:51 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: Electric Eel Shock - Bastard

We're going to be moving the furniture around in my bedroom sometime this week, and while clearing everything out today I came across some old work of mine. It reminded me quite a bit of pesky33's poetry she's posted (fairly) recently. (Linkage - I'll take this down if you want me to) and I thought I'd follow her lead and share it, as it entertained me for a while.

Firstly my RE book from year 5, including what I thought naked ladies looked like at that time, and an epic story which has a complete (if admittedly stilted) plot.

(Dialup warning - about 5 pictures, not overly big)
Hilarity follows...Collapse )

New blog

January 30th, 2007 (09:43 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee - Grease

I've been thinking about starting a new blog where I can write essays and stuff (I don't mean boring school essays, I mean like a newspaper column type thing about interesting stuff, like the habits of bus drivers, and people who say "if...." and other nuggets of wisdom/comedy/general observation on life, the universe and everything)

I'm just stuck over two things:
1. Where to host it.
- I don't want to just put them up here, because this is sort of a general observation on my life, not an intelligent-sounding series of essays, and I just want to separate it. People don't really want to read about my boring life and insight at the same time. (If you did that's what a friends page is for)
- I could have another LJ account, but it will be officially my 6th (Though two are part of a roleplay community that seems to have dissolved and another one was so ancient it was from when you had to be reccomended to LJ by a friend, and I don't even know what email address I was using then, so it'd be my 3rd really.)
- I could create an LJ community, and let other people contribute theirs too, but the last community I made had about 2 members and got snowed under. It would be regularly updated though, so I suppose I quite like this option.
- I could host it somewhere completely different like blogspot. Anyone know any good ones? (I like the ones where you get a little list down the side of your most recent posts with all the titles linking you)

2. A name. I don't know what to call it, and LJ is annoyingly big now so most of the decent names are taken. I was thinking something along the lines of Life, the Universe and Everything According to Amy, if that isn't too pretentious. I don't know. What do you think?

Oh, and Marc split up with me, but we're still friends and for some reason I feel completely fine today even though I was a bit upset about it yesterday. Hormones work in mysterious ways!


January 24th, 2007 (10:55 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: What Sarah Said - Death Cab For Cutie

Note: before you read this, I've set each entry for Brighton up in three separate backdated entries. This means they won't appear on your friends page. Read all three in sequence on my journal front page or read Sunday and Monday before this one.

Just about missed breakfast by the time we got up. We'd both spent all our money and could only afford to buy biscuits, so that's what we lived off for the first leg of the megabus journey. When we had our 3-hour wait in London all we could do was wander round drooling at all the food smells (You really don't notice them as much normally) and decided to take a little detour and look at Buckingham Palace. Journey back up was uneventful. I slept a bit. But when we finally got back to Leamington it started SNOWING!

Marc's list of weird people we saw in London and Brighton

Um, in other news, a pair of trousers that I owned got wet and I left them in a plastic bag and forgot about them, so they went mouldy. If anything was in the pockets I've lost it, because I couldn't actually bring myself to pull them out of the bag properly.

Also, if you're hungry and have hardly any food, make this: Mice with onion/garlic in it (We always have some spare in the freezer) - cook/reheat this in a saucepan, strain off the excess melted ice if it was frozen, add a can of chopped tomatoes, LOADS of chilli powder and slightly too much basil. It's surprisingly nice, and would have gone well with pasta except I couldn't be bothered to make any.

Edit: Mince, not mice. But I'm leaving the original typo because it made me laugh!

Brighton (Day 2)

January 22nd, 2007 (09:00 pm)
current song: Avenue of Hope - I Am Kloot

We finally went to sleep about 8pm on the Monday night, and got up early for breakfast. We got a text message from a random number saying "This is the Mission Master! Are you ready for your mission?" and for a while we didn't know who it was, and then realised it was probably Jaq from Scotland (Who we were meeting later that day.) So the mission we got given was to find a straw donkey, a packet of crayons and a melted welly. Having no money we walked around town for about ten minutes then gave up from the cold, sat in a coffee shop and did the Times crossword instead. We were going to buy some wax crayons and melt one into the shape of a welly, but we didn't. Then I got some straws from the bar downstairs and made a donkey out of them. It's currently behind the bar of the HobGoblin in Brighton.

Met up with Bisto, Jaq, Lina and Charlie for a few hours (And the most expensive pint of Carlsberg I've ever bought for £2.75!) then went to McDonalds a bit drunk, proceeded to knock some coke all over the floor and went back to the hotel for a bit. Some random guy with a Hitler moustache turned up in the room and startled us before we realised he was another guest, and then we went out for the gig.

I'll spare you the details, gig reviews are never interesting unless you know the band, but it was really good and the new bassist is really cool. Ended up back at the hotel at about 2am, strange man in our room was sleeping really noisily, and then got up at 4am and tried to rip the sink off (or that's what it sounded like anyway..!)

Brighton (Day 1)

January 21st, 2007 (08:58 pm)
current song: She's Electric - Oasis

Got back home today from Brighton, where I've been since Sunday. Me and Marc left on Saturday night and went to Coventry, where we met some incredibly random people and then wandered round for a bit until we asked someone for directions and they gave us a lift to the megabus stop. When we were waiting there we were going to go to Tescos (It's right next to it) and get some food, but it was closed, even the petrol station. Then we noticed they'd had some of their newspapers delivered already and in our drunken state decided to nick a bundle and make a bonfire. In a tree.

So we accidentally half-destroyed a tree in Coventry while waiting for the megabus, and nearly got frostbite while waiting around for about three hours. We finally got on the bus and on our way to London, I fell asleep, and then we sat in a coffee shop for about two hours feeling sick. London to Brighton was populated by posh University of Sussex students comparing their shopping from Oxford Street (Actual quote: Oh, those trousers are lovely!) and then we got excited when we first saw the sea. Arrived at the hostel about 3pm, and we had an entire 8-bed room to ourselves, only Marc was actually too tall for the bunk beds(!) We decided to have fish and chips for dinner, since we were running out of money and they're nicer by the sea anyway. But the place we went to had nice chips but the fish tasted really old, and it cost us nearly a fiver. We had a wander around town then and went to bed about 5.30 out of tiredness, couldn't sleep and went to the beach instead. There was a storm coming in and it was really pretty, watching the waves go wild and the occasional huge lightning flash. I would love to live by the sea, apart from the wind.

Bits and bobs

January 14th, 2007 (08:14 pm)

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current song: McQueen - Blinded

The cafe story from my last entry has made it onto the front page of the Warwick courier for the second week running, and is even online now, though it still hasn't been in the Leamington Courier. I was thinking of emailing them but they say "Please give a reason if you do not wish your email address to be published." and I don't see why I should. Also I'm not entirely sure what to say without sounding childish or pompous. The only development in the story seems to be that they've noticed the chip shop, and that they're going to ask local police opinion, and the opinion of the council, "which owns a number of the flats on the street". ... says it all really.

We're finally going to get the bedroom moved around (mine and my sister's, I mean) so that might prompt me to actually not keep things in a mess/state of chaos/general mishmash of mould. We're going to have to get rid of a load of old stuff, which means getting money from ebay or car boot sales or something.

Speaking of getting rid of old things, we're going to be selling all the Polly Pockets. I used to love Polly Pockets. For those who don't know, they were little dolls about a centimetre high which just had one joint - they could sit down or stand up. Most of them were girls, it was a very pink, flowery, girlie kind of toy. I was just obsessed with them because the little playsets were so detailed, they had little houses or a park or a hairdressers, and when you'd finished playing with the playset you put the pollies inside and closed it up and it fitted in your pocket!

Then in about the 90s the playsets got bigger and the dolls more adventurous, like I had two that could do the splits, and a horse which pulled a carriage. And I remember getting one with mermaids in that you put water into. Then they made ones with magnetic controls in, which had "New for '99!" on the box, so that must have been the late 90s. After that they were all magnetic and the figures were slightly bigger, and then in about 2002 or something someone decided dolls that were 1cm high were a hazard to children who might swallow them (It probably wouldn't harm you anyway) and changed the brand name of Polly Pocket to mean a pocket-sized doll made of rubber in barbie-style proportions which you could dress up. It was rubbish.

Oh. Now I just looked them all up on ebay I want to collect them all over again! But I will still sell the ones I have as reason dictates: They're not in awfully good condition (Might not sell anyway) and there will still be Polly Pockets on ebay in two years time when I do move out.

Edit: Oh, and that new programme on E4, Skins, looks like it's going to be quite good. Can anybody tape it for me/direct me to somewhere I can watch it online for free until I finally get a freeview box that works, please?

The tractor factor

January 10th, 2007 (01:19 am)

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current song: Queen - Killer Queen

The front page story on our local newspaper this week is about a cafe being opened in Shakespeare Avenue (Near where I live, probably the biggest chav hangout in the area but it's mostly schoolchildren anyway) Apparently local residents are complaining because the cafe will "attract youths" and "make cooking smells"

It's going to be open in the daytime, serving coffee to little old ladies. And they all failed to notice that there's a chip shop about two shop units away from where it will be, which is where all the chavs hang out anyway. From the way everyone talked at school I got the impression the chip shop owner was the one you went to first to broadcast/get news about who'd been beaten up latest, etc. I don't think the local residents actually care. It's one of the safest council estates I've ever had the ... experience of.

I bet I know who it was who complained though. The bus service to our estate (Not the council estate, the estate which I live on, which is 70% stuck up middle class, 20% student accommodation, 1% tiny cramped housing - this one - and 9% other) runs up a road, turns round at the roundabout and goes out of the estate again. The official bus stop is right near the estate entrance, and the bus drivers tended to drop people off at the roundabout seeing as that is about in the middle, and there are no houses at the entrance anyway. But some guy who lives in a house by the roundabout (which is massive and must have about six bedrooms) started complaining, so thy got told they weren't allowed to stop there any more.

To be fair, the extra walk is about two minutes, but when it's raining/blowing a gale/so hot you can't actually stand up straight a three-minute walk home is a lot better than a five-minute one. And I can't see one downside to having a bus stop outside your house for all of ten seconds, when it's going to be driving past there anyway. Probably wants somewhere to park his excessive 4x4. Grr.

Other comedy headlines this week:
Rogue fish traders operating in Warwickshire
Members of club share love of old tractors
Church rocks to young band
Shopping trolley firm expands
The tractor factor

A rare talent

January 10th, 2007 (12:31 am)

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current song: The Eagles - Take it Easy

I managed to make a telesales person hang up on me today. It was great.

O2 (my mobile phone company) phoned me up this morning, to tell me I'm a new O2 pay as you go customer (I'm not. I've been with them about three years, I just got a new phone.) and then ask me if I was happy with my phone, what features I wanted and if I wanted a new one. (Yes, I just bought it. Nothing. No, I just bought it.) and then tried to get me to sign up to a pay monthly deal which will cost me more than I'm paying at the moment, not save me any money and force me to actually top up at least once a month. So I asked them about the deal they are running at the moment which is that on the internet you can buy an O2 simcard for £5 with a deal on it which is 300 free texts a month as long as you top up at least £10 a month. So I asked if I could be put onto that, seeing as I'm just going to go and buy the simcard anyway, and O2 will then only make an extra £5 out of me. Since I'm such a loyal customer I was under the illusion that they wouldn't refuse, but they just put the phone down on me when I pointed this out.

Just to piss them off, I was now going to scour all the other networks for deals of this nature, until I remembered I have a new phone and it's probably programmed to only accept O2 simcards. So I'll phone customer service myself and see what they say first.

Living Arrangements

January 5th, 2007 (06:28 pm)

current mood: good
current song: Sting - I Hung My Head

There's been a lot of talk recently (by me) about moving out and such, because I'm getting to not be able to stand living here any more. It seems all I ever do when I'm at home is battle over the computer, watch crap TV or end up sleeping excessively.

I'd probably be able to stand it if I knew it was only for nine more months, but it'll be that and a year at least before I go to university, so it's just the thought of all that time.

I was looking a few months ago at moving out with some friends, getting a house in Leamington or something, but I'd have to be earning at least £400 a month and at the moment it's £200-£250 roughly, that's a lot more hours and with doing my own cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping, I'll end up having no time for college work or socialising, and be too tired to do it all properly anyway. So the only actual way to do it would be to move in with a load of people who are working full time and have them agree to let me pay a smaller share of the rent and bills. I don't think realistically anybody's going to agree to that.

But, after a discussion of sorts with my mum, she's decided the new rules of house are that I just literally live here as if it is a shared house, doing my own cooking and washing and such. So finally I have some sort of control and I don't feel quite so ... immature. We're actually going to sort out the bedroom this year as well, which has been in the works for about five years but has never actually happened. I have to get rid of about 2/3 of my stuff, which is probably true, so I've set up an ebay seller's account to hopefully make some money on bits of it.

Now the only thing I'd love to change would be to actually split the bedroom and have my own space. Sharing a bedroom at 18 with a 15 year old is not fun, and means I can't hide anything particularly dodgy or have private conversations with friends or have boys round (Actually I'm still not supposed to have a boy on my bed, which is just weird.)

Anyway, it's going to be boxes and even more mess than usual for a while, but it might eventually end up being something productive, so let's see.

Resolutions, etc

January 5th, 2007 (01:24 am)

current mood: bored
current song: Aqualung - Strange and Beautiful

I just booked the Megabus to go to see McQueen on the 22nd January. It should be a reaally good gig, almost all the forum people are going! And I will not be alone on the six-hour journey because Marc is coming too. (I don't know if I mentioned this by the way, but me and Marc are officially going out now.)

OK, I'm sure you're all dying to hear them, my resolutions for 2007:

Firstly, this is going to be a lucky in love year. That's not a resolution, it's just a fact. Rohanna, Becky, Olive and I decided. And last year, Rohanna and I decided that 2006 would be generally better than 2005 and it was, so it will happen this year too. (Yay!)

Okay, proper resolutions follow:

- Have more sex, but act less slutty
- Stop pretending I'm male and at least embrace a bit of my femininity.
- Choose which uni I'm going to and work for it
- If a suggestion has "...just for shits and giggles" at the end of it, do it.
- Get into some more good music and watch lots more good films

I just got a text from Ben and it hardly made me think of him at all, I just smiled serenely at the memory he was referring to. We've been invited to a party on Saturday and I'm not sure whether to go or not.
Going = Ben will probably be there = I'll suddenly be in love with him again = we'll probably end up having sex = BAD!
also, going = Windsor will probably be there = the last time I saw him I... er, if you already know you know what I mean and if you don't, you don't want to know. = awkwardness.
Not going = missing Kyle's party = I've been waiting for this for ages = I might regret it.
Not going = Ben will think I'm avoiding him since I have no credit.

Ah. The trials and tribulations of 18-year-old love politics, eh?

Even if I am in love with you
All this to say, what's it to you?
~Suzanne Vega

Impromptu trip to Swindon

December 27th, 2006 (04:05 pm)

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current song: Nickelback - Someday

I only got up at about 7pm yesterday, so I just stayed up all night and at about 10 this morning went into town to spend some of my Christmas money. I need to save some of it to live on for the next month, so I only bought one thing - a sikTh CD (The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild) which has the most amazing song on the end of it - the whole reason I bought the album really, it's like a really traumatising poem spoken that sounds like some kind of spell. I LOVE it.

Then I texted a few people but nobody bothered to reply. Sat in Druckers for a bit with coffee and cigarettes, which just made me feel lightheaded as I hadn't eaten all day. Got a bit meh, having girly music on my mp3 player didn't help probably until a more uplifting song came on which prompted me to leave and do something. So I looked around for ages to see if there was any way I could get to Banbury to get my lip pierced (apparently they do it for £10 each there) and then hatched a feeble plan to mission all the way to Swindon via buses (Leamington > Oxford > Swindon) but the Stratford > Oxford bus only runs on Sundays. Killed a few hours though.

Home now, bored again. Still feeling a bit shit really. Oh well. Looking round communities at the moment, loads of people seem to be splitting up. And nobody I know feels like it's really Christmas this year.

Oh I'm so worried about my love
They say, "No no, it won't last forever,"
And here I am again my girl
Wondering what on earth I'm doing here
Maybe he doesn't love me
I just took a trip on my love for him
~Kate Bush

Random (Amazing) quotes

December 26th, 2006 (02:34 am)

And you will never understand
How it feels to live your life
With no meaning of control
And with nowhere left to go


"Don't give away the goods too soon"
Is what she might have told me
And I tried so hard to resist
When you held me in your handsome fist
And reminded me of the night we kissed
And of why I should be leaving

~Suzanne Vega
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December 25th, 2006 (10:51 pm)
current song: the*ga*ga*s - KO

Couple of websites I've found recently which actually rock.

- This is a site which basically has the function of bulletins on myspace, except different. You have about the length of one text message to write with (and it's an unwritten rule to use real words and not txt-spk) and if you add your mobile to it you can update by text too. Entries can be public or private and you can add anyone to read theirs (or have them sent to your mobile)
You can also have your latest Twitter appear on your myspace/blog/website too. It's cool. A lot better than I'm making it sound. (Mine)

We Feel Fine
- A java applet which scans almost every blog on the net for the words "I feel" or "feeling" and logs them all. It's like a cloud of emotion, and you can search a particular age group, gender, city... This truly is amazing. A decent connection would be better though, dialup isn't really going to cope with it :(

- A forum dedicated to music lyrics which you can identify with at any time. The theory is these "Rockpills" help you through hard times. It's true to an extent. You have to be a member to look at any of them, though, and the site isn't that big yet (Though that's probably a good thing)

It still doesn't feel like Christmas.

House Parties can go badly wrong, kids...

December 17th, 2006 (11:28 pm)
pissed off

current mood: pissed off
current song: David Gray - Knowhere

My friend Emily had a house party last night in Leamington. Originally it was just going to be a few people, having some drinks, listening to music, but her sister Fran advertised the party on myspace and about 50 emo kids turned up. So we were going to kick them out because looking after drunk 16 year olds is not fun, and then we realised they'd been jumping on the double bed in the downstairs bedroom until it was completely smashed into bits, and Fran was also way too drunk to reason with by this stage. People refused to leave, so we phoned the police. They said to try to get everyone out and then phone them again if we needed help, so we told everyone the police would come if they didn't leave and after a few arguments, shovings and threats with no effect phoned them again. We managed to get most of them outside and then heard a knock on the door, weren't sure if it was the police so asked who it was and they shoved a fire extinguisher they'd nicked from upstairs through the letterbox and soaked everyone in the corridor with it. It smelt like wet dog. They forced their way back in and we got the fire extinguisher back, and spent a fun few minutes soaking all the sad emos who dared to come within shooting distance of the stairs (we were seriously pissed off by now, and the place was wrecked anyway) and after a while the police did come and sent the stragglers home, and we apologised and they said if they got called out again they'd confiscate the stereo equipment.

So we tried to get them to take Fran home, and they said because she was underage we had to assume responsibility or get her parents. We all refused to have her in the house so Emily phoned their dad to come and pick her up. So we were keeping an eye on her until he turned up and at some point during this about 20 people came back and somehow got in. Someone said they'd been taking cocaine, I don't know. Anyway when Fran's dad got there in a taxi he went to get her in the car and because she didn't want to go home she started shouting in the middle of the street and a girl tried to rescue her because she thought she was being abducted or something. So Fran and Emily's dad stayed at the party for a while, with Fran coming in occasionally to shout abuse at him and generally stumbling around drunkenly. There were a load of people in the living room, we'd given up on saving the carpet but got them to turn the music down, so they were being quiet enough. Upstairs there were 2 toilets, at least one of which was always occupied by stoners, so the upstairs was hotboxed. We all sort of gave up trying to keep control and hid in the one safe bedroom which was spotless.

We did eventually get rid of Fran when she stepped on some glass and partially severed her toe, meaning we could call an ambulance and get her into it. (We were going to phone one before but the police wouldn't let us because there wasn't anything physically wrong with her apart from being excessively drunk) She did actually go into it, and it seemed to calm down for a bit. I went out momentarily to check on people and for the most part they were fine, until I heard screams, went outside and there was a massive fistfight going on between five people. So I phoned the police again, didn't bother to tell anyone though because I figured they'd all just run away and come back and I wanted someone to get arrested.

By the time the police got there about 10 minutes later they'd moved outside, this one guy I think was called Kyle shut up and moved on, he'd been shouting and swearing a lot before that though. But the fight was over so they couldn't actually arrest anybody. We showed them a bit of the damage and for the most part they were helpful anyway. After that everyone did calm down, I heard talk of people being on pills but never saw any evidence for it, a load of people crashed out and we all went to sleep.

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December 14th, 2006 (09:42 pm)

current mood: sick
current song: Carly Simon - The Right Thing to Do

I have indigestion, somehow. But my cat's just come up for a cuddle so I'm feeling better already. I'm all full of cold and think I failed my Philosophy half-term test today. Ugh.

Went to a party on Tuesday night. I climbed a tree and managed to break my phone, so until I get a new one if you need to contact me most have my home number, or email. I also spent a while hiding in a cupboard with a guy called Marc. It was funny.

In media today the chavettes in my class were explaining their dire excuse for a project to the teacher (advertising for a dance school) and when asked who their target market was and what would attract them, they replied, "Well, everyone wants to be famous."
So I said under my breath, "I don't." and they all burst out laughing.

I'm so glad I'm not like them, seriously.

Argh. Sorry. Just reminded me of school.

Overheard quite an entertaining comment on the bus today. Some girl said she wanted a banjo, because they were cool. The only King's High (local posh girls' school) girl in a group of Warwick (local posh boys' school) lads, so she was probably being random to entertain them.

I am sorry my humour (or lack of it) is limited to dry sarcastic and not even witty comments about other people today, the pain in my stomach is making real laughter impossible. *Sigh*

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